How To Make A Pixel Doll

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How To Make A Pixel Doll

Post by Ayy Lmao on Sun May 22, 2016 10:09 pm

Hey! This thread will show you how to make a pixel doll. It's easier than it seems. If you want to go the easy way, just look up a dollmaker and all you need to do is drag and drop. If you want it to be more personalized, then continue reading!

MS Paint
Gimp (optional, for if you want to animate your doll or make it transparent)

Go to and make a doll base. Go to a dollmaker, and make a doll with only a body and a head; put on no clothing.

When you finish making the base, click "Save and Download." It'll open a new page with the base. Right click the base, and press copy.

Open up MS Paint, and paste the dollbase. You'll want to fill in the black parts with the white paint bucket tool to give you a clear canvas. Modify your base as you want, then start drawing on the clothes. 

Save your doll. You can keep it as it is, or edit it in gimp to make it animated or transparent! Hope this tutorial helped! If you don't understand something then just post a question. Byee!

Ayy Lmao
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